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Your parking futé for Airport / Saint-Exupéry TGV station – Lyon

Welcome to PARKING FUTÉ, open Monday to Friday from 4am to 0pm.
Reservations by phone from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 18h.
Online reservations 24/24h - 7/7J.

WARNING : Annual closure from 5/11/2018 to 19/12/2018.

Why and how to do in case of... ?

Parking Futé puts in the place of one of his travelers who leaves for the first time on a trip or who raises questions about the service like Parking Futé that is to say, a private parking with shuttle transfers unlimited. So, if Parking Futé can help you best by answering the questions that tease you before your departure, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need more details and information, do not hesitate to call Parking Futé at 0033 6 35 37 38 56. In any case, note that a place reserved on our website or by phone it's a 100% guaranteed parking spot.


Why pay a deposit in advance ?

Some travelers are reassured by paying the benefit in advance, and other travelers prefer to pay on return. So to try to satisfy the majority of our travelers, Parking Futé makes you pay a deposit of 20% which reassures the travelers who come to the parking for the first time and confirms the availability for the reservation and who guarantees the place reserved for the traveler. In addition, it optimizes the organization of the schedule to ensure the quality of your transfer.


When I have to pay the balance, the remaining 80% ?

The balance is payable by check or cash upon return from your trip, when you collect your vehicle. Parking Futé is not yet equipped for payment by credit card and invites you to withdraw the balance from ATMs located in the terminals of the Airport / Gare Saint-Exupéry. You will find them and locate them easily on the plans and indications in the terminals. Alternatively, you can also write a check, and to avoid taking your checkbook on a trip, you can prepare the check in advance and leave it in your parked vehicle to pay the balance when you pick up your vehicle.


At what time should we arrive at the Parking to be on time for check-in with or without checked luggage? ?

In a general way, Parking Futé advises you to arrive on the Parking 2h to 2h30 before the schedule of your takeoff but it is possible that your travel agency calls the travelers earlier to arrive at the airport Saint-Exupéry and in In this case, Parking Futé advises you to come 20 minutes before this meeting time. Indeed, the Parking is only about ten minutes by shuttle terminals of the Airport / TGV station Saint Exupéry. Generally, check-in starts 2 hours before and ends 45 minutes before take-off time. But we must be careful to respect the conditions of your airline.


If I find that I will be late to take the shuttle to the airport, what to do ?

Generally, Parking Futé sends a text message (hence the importance of communicating the mobile phone number you are traveling with) to give some management-level tips for coming to the Parking and asks travelers to warn you 20 minutes before your arrival at the Parking by specifying your advance or your delay on the schedule initially booked. Every half-hour maxima, the shuttle makes transfers between the Parking and the Airport / Gare Saint-Exupéry. Depending on your arrival at the Parking, the shuttle will adapt to arrivals and returns to the Parking. Priority is given to travelers who are on time and according to take-off times. It may happen that Parking Futé calls you to optimize shuttle transfers if other travelers arrive at the Parking at the same time and the booked appointment schedule is the same.


Do I have to leave you the keys to my vehicle ?

Parking Futé does not keep your keys during your trip. Your vehicle will not move all the time of its parking except in case of awkward parking. If you prefer to entrust them to Parking Futé for fear of losing them during your trip, Parking Futé may charge you € 5 for the transfer of responsibilities.


How shuttles work ?

One way your shuttle comes to your parking space to load your luggage directly from the trunk of your vehicle, then it takes you to the Airport / Station Saint-Exupéry and drops you in front your departure terminal within 15 minutes of your arrival at the Parking. When you return, once you have collected your baggage and passed the customs and security check, simply call Parking Futé and your shuttle picks you up at the same place where you left off, in front of you your arrival terminal. Once all the travelers have boarded and the luggage is loaded, your shuttle will take you back to the Parking lot to your parking spot and load your luggage into the trunk of your vehicle.


What is the waiting time to be recovered on return ?

Parking Futé will ask you to call it when you have collected your luggage and passed customs or security checks. The shuttle will arrive at the drop-off minutes (or a few meters) from your landing terminal ten minutes after your call. The shuttle can not stay more than 10 minutes in the parking of your terminal given the excessive hourly cost. You will still have the time to load the luggage in the trunk and board your shuttle. Parking Futé sincerely thanks you in advance for calling it at the right time to avoid any unexpected waiting and extra cost.


What happens if our plane is late compared to the scheduled time ?

Thanks to the flight number (or airport of your origin) that you transmit during your booking, Parking Futé tracks your flight from the website of the Airport / Gare Saint-Exupéry and can know the estimated time of landing . If you have this information when you embark, do not hesitate to warn you because the estimated landing times are announced only one hour before the scheduled time. Smart Tip : Before going on a trip abroad, consider installing the WHATSAPP app on your smartphone as it allows you to make phone calls or send sms at no extra charge, as well as the person receiving it. call or sms. This application is free and calls / sms go through the internet. Normally, you can find wifi terminals in the terminals of the airports of your origin. Parking Futé will of course ensure the transfer even beyond the opening / closing times of the Parking.


If I do not have the exact flight schedule yet, can I still book ?

Parking Futé prefers to be called directly in this case and give you availability according to the dates of your trip. From the website, you can not book without the known times of your flights. Do not put fictitious hours when booking online to avoid any flat fee or unavailability on the day of arrival at the car park.


And if the departure time of my plane is advanced or delayed, should I redo a reservation ?

In this case, you just have to call Parking Futé who will take these changes into consideration by noting it on your reservation. It is best to warn him as soon as you have the information or at least 12 hours before your departure to ensure optimal organization of your shuttles.


How far in advance should we reserve a place ?

You can reserve your parking space until 12h before your departure. And as a reminder, a place reserved via our website or phone is a 100% guaranteed place if the Parking is available.


How to know if there is room on the parking lot ?

If after completing the quick reservation request the amount of the parking cost is displayed on your computer or smartphone screen, there are still places available on the Parking. You will then be redirected to our booking form. When the car park is full, the website automatically blocks your reservation request by notifying you of the unavailability for the dates or times indicated and you will not be able to fill in the booking form. Parking Futé does not guarantee availability if you arrive at the car park without having booked in advance.


Are you equipped for the transport of children ?

Your shuttle can be equipped with car seats and booster seats. It is only necessary to inform us of the number of children and childcare material required when booking online.


What should I give you as information if I send you an SMS, or an email or I leave you a message on your answering machine to reserve ?

In all these cases, Parking Futé needs the dates and times of your outbound flight and your return flight, your destination or your airline in case of a stopover to follow your plane from the website of the airport according to its origin, the number of passengers that you will be as well as your details (last name for the reservation and the mobile phone number to return the answer to ). If the reservation is validated, Parking Futé will send you a confirmation sms with the price of the service and the appointment time at the car park on the day of your arrival. If the price suits you, you can validate your reservation directly by SMS. Parking Futé will make every effort to respond to you as soon as possible.


Parking Futé invites you to read the terms and conditions because they will answer many other questions you may have. If you need to detail specific points, you can send us an email at the following address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us according to the opening hours of reservations, from 8h to 12h AM and from 2h to 5h PM